Black River, South Carolina, March 2001

Paddling the Black River Check out the photo album!

A short introduction to the photo album. I went on a shared trip by the Palmetto Paddlers and the SeaYackers to the Black River, near Kingstree, South Carolina. We had a great turnout of kayaks and a couple of canoes. We had members from both clubs, coming from various parts of both SC and NC.

The trip was supposed to happen a week earlier, but heavy rains postponed it. The make-up date was just about perfect. It was sort of chilly in the morning, but warmed a lot throughout the day, with almost constant blue skies. The water level was somewhat high, but perfect for our trip. The Black River gets its name from its dark, tea-colored water, stained that color from the tannin deposited by falling leaves. Most of our paddle was in fairly large open spaces, but we had to maneuever occasionally for fallen logs and strainers.

Our trip was about 14 miles, a sizeable workout for my first real trip of the year. We saw many cabins and hunting/fishing areas, but the river gave us the peaceful impression of being far from the rest of the busy world. Spring was just beginning and the trees were beginning to bloom. There wasn't a whole lot of wildlife apparent, aside from small birds in the trees, but we did manage to see a wild turkey high in a cypress tree and I happened upon an otter or beaver in a quiet piece of the river.

I had a blast on this trip...the Black River was a beautiful place to paddle. It was also nice to meet some new friends. Thanks to those who put the trip together!

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