Germany, June-July 1989

I spent June 12 to July 2 on my first trip overseas. I went with several other students as part of an exchange group between the Rückert Schule in Schöneberg, Berlin, and Lakota High School in West Chester, Ohio. We spent about two weeks staying with a German family in Berlin, and about another week travelling through southern Germany. Little did we know it was the final days of the Cold War in Germany and that the wall would come down 5 months later. Just in time to spray paint it! :)

I've lost touch with most of the people who went on this trip. If you know where they are, please send me their emails. I've always thought it would be cool to get most of us back together and go back to Berlin. Here are the American culprits:

Mike Boone*, Chris Carmichael, Jim Cooney*, Brian Dempsey*, John Holmes, Bill Leach, Allie Lowe, Sameer Saini*, Kati Sinclair, Ed Burns, Andy Cebulskie, Eric Danilowicz*, Nick Denlinger, Kendra Jones, Chris Lewis, Alex Pickrel*, Padma Shetty, Wendy Sommers (if there's a * I already have that address). Click here to send me mail.

Someday I'll post my travel notes from this trip. For now, just some of my pictures. All of these images were taken with a Minolta Maxxum 3000i and a 50mm/f1.7 lens.

I went back to Berlin in November 1999, during the 10th anniversary of the wall coming down. I went with my wife this time. It was cool to see the city reunified. Pictures and that story to come.

Mike Boone, March 28, 2001

East Germany/West Berlin Border from the Air

The Reichstag

The Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche (Memorial Church) and the EuropaCenter

The Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche and greater Berlin

View along the wall (note the guardtower)

My daytime return to our covert overnight spraypaint job. The "MBB" is me! Yes I looked very geeky in those days. :)

The Berliner Dom (Cathedral) in East Berlin

Linderhof Castle in the Bavarian Alps

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