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From Maxxum 7 Digital Kit, Maxxum 7 Digital Body, Maxxum 7 Digital Vertical Grip, Maxxum 9, Maxxum 70 Kit, Maxxum 50 Kit, Lenses: 28-80mm, 24-105mm, 28-75mm, 28-105mm, 35-80mm, 70-210mm, 75-300mm, 100-300mm
Flashes: 5600HS, 3600HS, 2500HS, 2000xi

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(mostly photographed with Maxxum cameras)

Florida Everglades, February 2002
Costa Rica, August-September 2001
Cedar Creek, SC, March 2001
Black River, SC, March 2001
Florida Everglades, January 2001
Arizona-Nevada, September-October 2000
Southern California, August 1999
Northern California, September 1997
Germany 1989

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