I'm Back!

After neglecting my website for years, it was time to smash it and reassemble the pieces.

My goals:

  • (Mostly) static site - I work on enough web infrastructure for my day job that I don’t really want to maintain more in my free time. So I’m dropping nearly everything that was dynamic. I can get a lot of the features from the old dynamic site, like blog pagination and such, from a static site preprocessor like Middleman. It plays nicely with my Ruby on Rails background.

  • Modern - I want to be able to use my site on my iPhone and iPad.

  • Automation - I do enjoy the convenience of deploying sites with one command and then everything Just Works™. I’ve become a fan of Ansible recently. I have a small amount of Ansible code that I use to configure, update, and deploy the site.

  • Deprecation - There are parts to my site that are simply ancient. I’m going to start phasing them out. I hate to send 404s to people, but I only have so much time and it’s not worth maintaining anymore. I’m adding deprecation notices to those pages, not linking them from my home page, and will remove them eventually.

I haven’t figured everything out yet. I still want a solid way to handle lots of pictures efficiently, with consideration for screen sizes, densities, and bandwidth. In the meantime I’ll keep my old homegrown code around for a while.

Hopefully this setup will be a good foundation for the next several years.

Until next time!