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Mike on the Trail

So, back in April, my friend Rusty, his brother, and I tackled a section of trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It was the same trail Rusty and I had started in 2006 but turned back due to a severe weather forecast. So we were eager to “finish the job” and see what there was to see. And we did. I wrote a long post about it which I never finished (the pictures are here though). But I wanted to get something up here. You see, our route took us along part of the Appalachian Trail, and we encountered several groups of “thru-hikers” intent on hiking the entire 2,000+ mile trail. Each had already hiked more than 200 miles from the beginning in Georgia. Among those I talked with, I met two women from Massachusetts. Each had decided to hike the trail separately but had teamed up. “Mother Nature’s Daughter” and “K-Bar” are both blogging. So I wanted to link to their blogs here, as they are both in Maine now and should be finished with the entire AT soon. They hike faster than I can blog, apparently. :)

  • MND’s blog — she is hiking to raise money to fight MS…maybe you could contribute a few dollars since she has walked over 2,000 miles!
  • K-Bar’s Blog

Best wishes to both of these ladies and maybe someday I’ll get to tackle the whole trail myself!