I Tri-ed It

Last Saturday I participated in my first triathlon at Santee State Park. It was an “off-road” triathlon which consisted of 3 miles of trail running, 3 miles of lake kayaking, and 7 miles of mountain biking. They had lots of participants for the short and long races, and the weather was excellent. It was good mix of people, so I didn’t feel intimidated just by being there. I was there more just to compete with myself anyway.

The race made for a good excuse to exercise during the winter. I did a little more activity right after Christmas, but I didn’t really get into it until the last month. Then I spent extra time at the gym and also did some “mini” triathlons here in the neighborhood.

For the race, the running was tough; I should have trained more for that and run more on trails instead of roads and treadmills. I felt great kayaking, and passed several people, but my wide poly kayak was a barge compared to the sea kayaks and racing kayaks that some other folks had. The biking was harder than expected; I was pretty tired by then and you can’t coast as much on a trail as you can on the road. But all in all, I was happy just to finish! And to not be last was a bit of a bonus. I came in 19th of 26.

Now you give it a “tri.” :)