Git is Fun

I was initially disappointed when it was announced that Ruby on Rails was moving its version control system from Subversion to Git. There’s enough to keep up with in Rails that I didn’t relish having to keep up with this as well. It wasn’t so much that Rails was moving, but related code began to move too, so we’re currently in this limbo where many plugins have both git and soon-to-be-deprecated SVN repositories, and it’s just another detail to keep track of. Hopefully there will be tools to sort all this out soon.

I like my SVN GUI tools, but it turns out that git works pretty well on Windows under Cygwin, if you can live with the command line. It’s certainly sufficient for cloning plugin repositories.

I could take or leave git by itself, but I love GitHub. They make it so easy to fork an existing project, make your own changes to it, and share it back with the world. Your changes can easily be pulled back into the original projects, too. I’ve been able to make a couple of small contributions to shoulda and actsasxapian.

So git is fun after all, and I’m looking forward to using it more; especially when the GUI tools show up.