Rough Weather

A stormy day today! There were rain and thunderstorms on and off, all day, especially in the afternoon. Our neighborhood had several trees knocked down including some big pines in undeveloped lots. A tree came down in our backyard and smashed our earliest-flowering tree as it fell. But we came out pretty well compared to other folks in the upstate.

I made an ill-advised trip to pick up pizzas for a birthday party. The skies in Greenwood were spooky with some very low hanging dark clouds. Winds and hail came as I arrived at the pizza place. Finally it abated and I was able to get the food and drive home through some heavy rains.

It may be just me, but it seems that South Carolina’s roads typically don’t drain very well. It’s been years since I lived in Ohio, but I don’t recall dealing with water in the roads as much when I lived there.

The birthday party was late on account of the weather, and attendees got to enjoy another episode of rain and hail, but the party went well, all things considered. A big thanks to everyone who braved the storms to be here.