Heat Wave

“It was summer in December, blowing heat waves in my mind…”
— Colin Hay, Are You Lookin’ At Me?

I think that line was meant to give you a feel for how unusual the southern hemisphere seasons must feel to those of us up “on top.” But whether you’ve been below the equator or not, it hasn’t been hard to get a feel for austral summer in South Carolina lately. It reminds me of being in Sydney in December years ago. Yesterday the temperatures here hit the mid 70s. I’ve seen that in December before in the years I’ve lived in SC. But I don’t recall a December forecast like the one I saw this morning. Highs of 76°F for the next three days, then 72 and maybe some rain (please!) on Thursday, and then the cold rolls in on Friday, only a high of 67.

Having grown up north of here, I guess I have a mindset that it’s supposed to be cold for the holidays. And usually it is somewhat cold in upstate SC for December. But it’s hot out and we should be kayaking instead of Christmas shopping!