Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwing 1 Cedar Waxwing 2
The Cedar Waxwings really seem to be hanging around this year. Normally I will see a lot of them in February each year, and then they’re gone. Again this year, I saw some in February, but I continued to see them on and off through March. Now in April I have seen a sizable group of them quite frequently. They have been raiding berry-filled bushes at my and my neighbor’s houses. Perhaps the birds are hanging around because of the cooler spring we’ve been having.

This week they’ve been coming to the Mahonia bush right outside my office window. This is the same place where I got my great tanager photo last year. The waxwings are a lot more skittish than the tanager was, so I haven’t gotten the perfect shot yet, but these two are pretty good.

Here’s hoping the summer tanager and rose-breasted grosbeak from last spring will still stop by! The grosbeak owes me a clear picture.

Lots of bird photos in the photo album.