Wikipedia Game

Here’s a goofy game you can play with Wikipedia. Try to get to the topic you want by starting from the Main Page. It only really works if you know a good bit about your subject, unless you’re lucky enough for your topic to be directly linked from the Main Page!

For example, yesterday I thought I’d look at the page for Counting Crows, to see if they had a new album yet. I started at the Main Page. They don’t keep a history of this page for some reason, but on March 17, there was a mention about the element Californium. I seemed to recall that element had something to do with the University of California at Berkeley. So I clicked into the element and sure enough, Berkeley is mentioned. I was pretty sure that was the school for the Cal. Bears football team, and I also recall seeing the Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz present at some of those games on TV. So I followed the link to Berkeley, and from there I tried the alumni list. Duritz is listed there as attending, but not graduating. That page also contains the direct link to Counting Crows, my goal. So I found the Counting Crows in four links from the Main Page.

Today I wanted to see the article on the Cincinnati Reds. The Main Page had Cosmonaut, which shares a page with Astronaut. From there, the List of Astronauts, then Neil Armstrong, then Univeristy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, and finally the Reds.

Wikipedia is so linked up you could probably find any topic from the Main Page eventually. Extra points if you can do it without using “What Links Here” in the toolbox.