I’m excited that some of my photos were recently published in a book and a magazine, both firsts for me. A photo of a water strider near Stevens Creek, SC was included in a new kids’ book, “The Real Thing! Stinkbugs & Other Bugs.” It’s an interesting book for a kid, complete with a real stinkbug specimen and scratch-and-sniff stinkbug smell! It was fun to see other BugGuide photographers published in the book as well.

Also check out the February 2007 issue of Backpacker Magazine. There’s an article on paddling in the Everglades and they used this photo of Jen in the mangrove tunnel between Coot Bay and Coot Bay Pond. I’ve got to get back down there and do some more paddling and bird photography.

Now if only National Geographic would put me on assignment…. :)