Inbox Spam Update

In my last entry on spam, I mentioned I would move to using POPFile as my mail junk filter. I turned off the ineffective Bayes filtering of SpamAssassin and just left it to toss blatant spam using its other rules. I also disabled Thunderbird’s junk filter.

POPFile has done well. So far it has classified nearly 14,000 messages, 85% of which were spam. So that means my local system had to download nearly 12,000 spams before the POPFile classifier could junk them. It would be great to have a system like this on the server to prevent that wasted message downloading.

POPFile has been a bit too aggressive in classifying messages as spam. I still have to browse the junk folder now and then to make sure a legitimate message isn’t there. On the other hand, very spams actually show up in the inbox.

I’m still contemplating going to using a whitelist and blocking everything else, but I’ll save that battle for another day.