So Long Minolta

I was surprised to read today that Minolta is getting out of the camera business. I used Minolta Maxxum 35mm cameras for years and even put up a page on my website for them.

In 2004 I got tired of waiting for Minolta to release a digital SLR that was compatible with my lens collection. So I sold off the whole thing on eBay, bought a Canon Digital Rebel, and started a new lens collection. I sort of felt bad leaving Minolta behind but now it seems like it was the right choice. And I’ve been really pleased with the Canon gear since.

The article mentions that Sony will take over developing digital SLRs for the Minolta lens mount. I hope they really do, but I won’t be looking back. I’ve always been disappointed with Sony’s proprietary focus (“standards” that nobody else uses, like those memory sticks).

So long Minolta; it was fun. Hello Canon!