Back from Ohio

We just got back from one of our typical trips to see the folks in Ohio. Here are some notes:

Monday, Dec. 12: Left SC in the afternoon. Bright and sunny until we got to NC. It was interesting driving by the Charlotte airport on I-85, because I had recently been “flying” there in Flight Simulator and recognized the runways the approaching planes were using. It started snowing as soon as we climbed I-77 in to the Virginia mountains. We stopped at the Sleep Inn in Princeton, WV. It’s fun to swim in an indoor pool while it’s snowing outside. Tried to use their free internet but my computer refused to load their weird login page, even after I turned off the firewall.

Tuesday, Dec. 13: The motel had these cool waffle irons where you poured in a cup of batter, closed the lid, and 2 minutes later it was ready. Not bad for the typical motel “continental” breakfast. Finished the drive to Ohio in cold but sunny weather.

Wesnesday, Dec. 14: Spent some time out in the cold trying to photograph birds. Jen’s folks had a lot of them eating seed off their picnic table. The overcast weather made the images turn out sort of dull. The Canon 100-400mm lens needs lots of light. Got a halfway decent shot of a red-bellied woodpecker.

Thursday, Dec. 15: Drove through some nasty rain and sleet to get to Cincinnati.

Friday, Dec. 16: Spent most of the day lounging around but braved the cold to see Katie Reider play across the river in Newport, KY. Great music and an interesting crowd.

Saturday, Dec. 17: Went to see relatives in Louisville, KY and back to Cincinnati in the evening.

Sunday, Dec. 18: Set up my dad’s new computer, replacing an ancient machine from 1998. Really wish you could buy a Dell without them installing all their resource-sucking trialware. Got rid of a lot of it and installed AVG and Firefox.

Monday, Dec. 19: Time to head home. Was 12 degrees (-11°C) and sunny when I started the car at 10am. Didn’t get above freezing until we got to Tennessee. We got to SC after dark and it was 40 degrees (4°C), a nice improvement. There were lots of trees down along the sides of the roads from the ice storm we missed. I was worried about my house, which has a lot of trees around it. Fortunately we had no damage.