Weekend in the NC Mountains

Jen and I got the chance to get away for a weekend, and at the last minute settled on going to the mountains in North Carolina. I found a cabin at the Nantahala Village, west of Bryson City. The village consists of a lodge with rooms and a restaurant, and several outlying cottages and cabins. Our cabin was perched high on the side of a hill with a great view of the mountains to the west (and pretty good sunsets). The cabin was a small two-bedroom house with some old furnishings. The satellite receiver was from the dark ages. But the fireplace and the hottub were great!

The restaurant at the lodge served some really good food, but the service was slow. I’m not sure they were expecting the number of guests they had this late in the season. Over the weekend the lodge hosted an art show with various paintings and pottery, and some funky hand-crafted Native American drums.

The weather was cool but sunny. Some trails of the Nantahala National Forest border their property, and we hiked for a couple hours on Saturday. The trails offered some neat views of some offshoots from Lake Fontana. The only other trail users passed by once on horseback. The trails weren’t really marked, so we got turned around a little, but found our way back. Along the way back we spotted several small birds. Once I got the binoculars on them they looked like goldfinches with yellow mohawks. I looked them up when I got home and I’m pretty sure they were Golden-crowned Kinglets. We also spotted a fat lizard along the trail, which I think might have been a northern fence lizard.

We had a fun and relaxing time…it was a nice spot for a getaway.