Flying Around

Ninety Six National Historic Site

Last weekend a longtime friend came down in his Cessna from Rock Hill, SC. He took me flying last October too. This time we did some more buzzing of Greenwood County. Instead of heading directly for the lake, we flew over the city and then into the south part of the county. I thought it would be fun to see Ninety Six National Historic Site from the air. This was an American Revolutionary War battlefield. The British had an interesting star-shaped fort and the park has a grassy mound outline of the star. I had a little trouble picking the park out from the air with all the other open fields in the area, but I finally found it and we circled around. Click on the photo for a better look.

Then we headed up Lake Greenwood. I was surprised to be able to see the SC mountains from this area. Those mountains are up close to the NC/SC border. My friend said it was an exceptionally clear day. Then it was back to the airport, landing on the newly-paved runway. Lots of fun. Someday I’ll get a pilot’s license and start yet another hobby! :)