Mozilla Thunderbird and Spam

I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird for my email client for over a month now, and one thing I am disappointed with is the Junk mail/spam filter. This filter misses dozens of spam messages a week. The developers should just throw away that junk filter code and integrate (or share code) with POPFile. I run that on another PC and it rarely misses a spam message.

What I’d really like to do is offload the whole spam-determination process from my local PC to the mail server. The reason I gave Thunderbird a shot was that Outlook and the Outclass add-in were memory-intensive and slow. I run SpamAssassin on the server, but there’s no nice GUI way to train the Bayes filter. If I get a spare moment, I might try to build a basic POPFile-style web interface for SpamAssassin.