The Pollen is a Fallin'

Pine Tree Pollen on Car
Well, it’s early April. Here in South Carolina, the temperatures are in the wonderful 70s (~23°C). Perfect time to open your windows and let in the Spring breezes, right? Wrong. :(

This also happens to be the time of year the our many loblolly pine trees spread their pollen. Right now the pollen is so thick that you can occasionally see faint clouds of it blowing by, and you can definitely taste it when you’re outside for a while. If you do leave the windows open (as we did the first year we lived in SC), you’ll get a coating of sticky yellow dust on things inside your house.

The picture shows our normally dark blue car that was outside…this was less than 48 hours of pollen accumulation.

My allergies can’t wait for this event to “blow over.”