PHP Cybercash PECL Extension

One of my clients still uses the ancient Cybercash payment system, now owned by Verisign. Last I checked, Verisign charges you to switch over to their newer payment system. Since they keep Cybercash running, so there’s not much incentive to upgrade.

A Cybercash interface was built into PHP 4.2.x but it was removed in PHP 4.3.x. It wasn’t completely abandoned as it was moved to the PECL repository. Unfortunately, there is next to no documentation telling you how to install it.

From digging around their mailing lists, I came across this helpful bug report. Not only does it have the instructions for how to install the extension, it tells you how to correct a bug which they still haven’t fixed in the downloadable Cybercash package.

For my future reference, to install a PECL extension, you copy the extension into a subfolder of php-4.3.x/ext. Then run autoconf at the command line. At that point, you continue with configure, making sure to request that the extension be included. And finally, make and make install.