Back on the Water

Lake Greenwood Track Map
Yesterday I got out for some paddling on Lake Greenwood. It was only in the 40s, but the sun was out and there wasn’t much breeze, so it turned out to be an enjoyable and comfortable trip. I’m trying to get back in paddling shape for a camping trip this spring.

The water level is typically low this time of year, which I assume is so that people can work on their docks and there’s some storage volume in expectation of the spring rains. But this winter the level is about as low as I’ve seen it. The depth is no problem for a kayak, and it’s neat to see areas normally hidden underwater. I’m not too keen on seeing all the tires along the shore that are exposed. They couldn’t have fallen off cars in the all the places I’ve seen them, so I guess people put them there to attract fish, but it really makes the lake look like a trash heap. Lots of birds around including seagulls, ducks, and coots.

I made a loop around “my” part of the lake between the two bridges, something like 3.5 miles. I brought the GPS along and made a map with GPS Visualizer.