Trackback Spam

Argh, as of today, the recent referer and blog comment spammer has begun spamming the blog “trackback” interface. I got over 20 trackback spams overnight, all poker ads.

The Serendipity authors posted an update to their spam blocker which hopefully will help…I installed it but haven’t seen any hits from the spammer in the past hour or so to verify it.

Ann Elisabeth has been monitoring these spammers for a long time now. She also sent me a blocking method which I’ll try if the Serendipity update fails.

I’m tempted to write my own blogging software with no support for comments or trackbacks. The number of comments and trackbacks I get is really too small to make this spam blocking worth the effort. I’d probably see a lot less web traffic if I didn’t use a mainstream blog software package. I’ll put that at the bottom of my to-do list. :)