Wacky Weather

Happy New Year!

I haven’t done much interesting lately that’s worth blogging about, but I am going to mention the unbelievably warm weather we’re getting here in the southeast (upstate South Carolina in particular). We’ve had highs in the high 60s and low 70s Fahrenheit (~21°C) for several days. The forecast calls for more low 70s for the next 5 days, and who knows after that? A normal high this time of year is in the low 50s (~11°C).

I’m enjoying the warm weather, but I have the feeling we’ll pay for it somehow. I’m not looking forward to the storm that would come through if we had a drastic temperature drop (we had a nasty thunderstorm last month). And if we don’t get at least a little cold weather, the bugs will be out in force. There are still a few mosquitoes at work in the neighborhood. It’ll be good for bug photography anyway.