McAfee Annoyances Part 2

I decided to get rid of McAfee’s security/virus software from my two computers. Once your subscription expires, the software nags you incessantly. I was also annoyed that anytime I had to login to update via their website, it wouldn’t work with Firefox and I had to use IE (stupid ActiveX). Plus, I didn’t feel like paying $60 for a lousy one year subscription for two PCs.

Now that I uninstalled the McAfee software, I find that they left a stray program behind. The file is placed in C:\Documents And Settings[my username]\Local Settings\Temp and is named for the time you uninstalled their software. Mine is called 2004122391919mcinfo.exe on one PC. It is run on startup via a registry key called “msci” in HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. ZoneAlarm reported that it tried to access the internet. I suspect it was trying to phone home to tell them to nag me again by email, but I didn’t let it happen. If it was just there to cleanup some files after a reboot, why did it want to connect to the internet? At any rate, the uninstall process should have informed me about it.

This guy had the same problem and wrote out how to fully remove the McAfee software. All I had left to do after the standard uninstall was to delete the mcinfo.exe program manually (and the startup registry key), but shame on McAfee for leaving that little suspicious program there after an uninstall.

So bye bye McAfee! I’m currently giving ClamWin a try, though I may go with <a href=“
index.php”>AVG. Their stuff seems solid but I don’t like their not-quite-standard GUI widgets.