ZoneAlarm Nags

ZoneAlarm seems to come out with an update every few months. The update usually claims to offer better stability and safety against new attacks. Maybe it does, but I have to wonder if the updates are not part of a campaign to get you to upgrade to their “Pro” version. Each time I download and install their update, I have to go through the whole annoying setup process: Yes, I just want to install standard ZoneAlarm; no, I don’t want to see the tutorial; ok, I guess I’ll restart my computer; no, I don’t want to see the other tutorial either; yes, I’m sure. And that’s skipping some of the steps…there are at least a dozen mouse clicks and a lot of waiting in there too.

I wonder if I bought the “Pro” version if it would nag me this much. I’d be willing to pay for a good firewall program that could install its updates without this much hassle. Or do I dare try the Windows XP SP2 firewall?