Busy Weekend

Lake Greenwood Aerial Photo

Greenwood County Airport

We had a fun weekend. Went camping with our neighbors Friday through Sunday morning at Calhoun Falls State Recreation Area, which is not too far from home. The campground weaves around part of the shore of Lake Russell, one of the big lakes created by the damming of the Savannah River. Mostly we just hung out, ate good food, and chased after the kids. Great weather, low 70s and slightly overcast, no biting bugs. Fall is coming but the trees are mostly still green.

When I got home Sunday my friend from Charlotte flew down in his new-to-him Cessna 172. He took me up for a short ride over the Lake Greenwood area. I took some photos out the open window of the lake and my neighborhood. Not too bad for a first try, but I think I need some practice to steady the camera in the wind and focus. The lighting was so-so since it was overcast. I just let the camera fire on automatic-everything for this attempt. The next chance I get, I’ll try faster shutter and ISO speeds. Here are a couple of the aerial photos…one of my neighborhood and the other of our landing approach to the airport.

I also got to see the Fujifilm blimp moored at the Greenwood County Aiport. They take employees for rides when the blimp is in town. You can just barely see the blimp in the upper right of the airport area.