Short Trip to Table Rock

We took a short camping trip to Table Rock State Park on Tueday and Wednesday. This was our first camping trip with our whole “family” including two dogs and our 17 month-old son. We crammed them and our camping gear into our overloaded Saturn VUE and hit the road. We got halfway there and realized that we didn’t bring the camping stove. So it was to be peanut-butter and jelly for the duration!

The campground was nearly deserted on a weekday and we found a quiet spot to ourselves by a small creek. It had good shade and was fairly clean, but it still irked me to see all the cigarette butts…hey smoking campers…that is trash too! We took walks around the campground and maybe five sites were being used, but just about every site was reserved for Labor Day weekend. Yuck…camping in a full campground is like living in the city, I think. Tuesday night was nice and quiet, with a little rain and the creek babbling behind the tent.

Wednesday we went hiking on the Carrick Creek trail, my favorite part of the trip. We had the trail to ourselves and enjoyed walking next to the streams and many small waterfalls. Afterwards we let our son run around the playground, slide down the slides, and try the swing, which he enjoyed. That afternoon we had a big rainstorm that confined us to the tent for a couple hours.

With more rain in the forecast and being tired from walking the dogs and chasing our son, we decided to pack it up after one night and head home…definitely a benefit of living close to the mountains. A nice, but tiring trip.