Short Trip on Lake Greenwood

Lake Greenwood Track Map
Yesterday I snuck out for a couple hours to paddle on Lake Greenwood, just down the street from my house. It was hot and sunny, but as I don’t get out as much as I used to, it felt good to cook in the sun. I paddled up to the northern trestle bridge, and to the quiet inlet above it, one of the few undeveloped places in the northern part of the lake. There I saw a pair of blue herons, many Tetragnatha spiders hiding low-hanging trees, and a few clouds of buzzing midges.

As I headed back, I heard a train’s horn and saw dozens of grackles burst from the nearby trees as the train appeared on the bridge. I found it odd that the CSX locomotive was facing backwards as it hauled its cars; I’ve seen rear-facing engines before, but always behind a forward-facing one.

After the train departed I stopped on the rocks under the bridge and inspected a beautiful pink wildflower, hibiscus-like and growing on some sort of vine. There was a calm nook there to park my boat, so I jumped out for a quick swim.

On the way home I stopped to see a lakefront construction site in my neighborhood from the water…there go some more trees :(. I chatted with an onshore neighbor, and saw several turtles sunning themselves on the driftwood near the boat ramp.

I took my GPS along and used GPS Visualizer to make the map. You can tell the USGS aerial photo is old because it shows very little development in my neighborhood, and the quiet inlet in the northwest corner no longer has a beach of any sort…it’s eroded all the way up to the treeline.