Distant Lilies

Today we went to Landsford Canal State Park to see the uncommon Rocky Shoals Spider Lily. These rare white flowers only grow in local rivers with good water flow and shoals for a foothold, and only bloom for a few weeks this time of year.

From what I had read, you could go to the park and hike a short trail to get a look at the lilies. This is true. The trail comes out on a beautiful wide view of the lilies in the river, but unfortunately, the closest of them is like 100 feet away. I really wanted to photograph a few blooms close up, and was disappointed that I couldn’t find any like that. I wasn’t equipped to wade or swim with my camera gear. It was a nice hike nonetheless, mostly in the shade.

I may return next week with my kayak and get some pictures, but for now here’s a link to another site with some nice shots.