Email Stats and AOL Spam Reports

Yesterday I sent a monthly newsletter mailing for one of my clients. Here are some numbers for fun:

  • 13,037 recipients
  • 208 bounces of various kinds, 1.6% (which I will handle using the technique I described last week)
  • 2,945 AOL users, 22.6%
    • 12 AOL users marked the message as spam, of those:
    • 11 signed up at the website in the last year
    • 2 signed up at the website in the last month
    • 1 had bought items from the site

I got the AOL spam reports by setting up a “feedback loop” where they inform you when someone complains about a message being spam. It seems reasonable to do in the case of AOL, since a large portion of the site’s subscriber base uses them, but I can’t imagine having to set up and monitor this stuff for every ISP. Currently I’m manually looking at those spam reports, but I may have to automate it eventually.

I suppose some of those unhappy AOLers could’ve been signed up for the list by someone else, but the site I do this for is not the kind of place you’d expect to see malicious users. I’m guessing that some of them marked it spam out of laziness instead of replying to unsubscribe, or using the website’s email options. Also, according to this Slashdot article, the latest version of AOL makes it too easy to accidentally mark something as spam.

I don’t want to be sending mail to anyone who doesn’t have an interest in it. It’s simply more work for me.