The handy 'link' tag

I recently updated my photo album software to use the (X)HTML ‘link’ tag where possible. Here’s an example:

<link rel="top" href="/pa/pa.php">

Most surfers won’t notice. I’ve been using Mozilla browsers (far superior to IE these days) for a couple years now, and I thought I’d take advantage of a cool plug-in feature.

One of the things I haven’t liked about my simple album layout is that the navigation links shift vertically based on the height of the image (I know I could rework the layout but I’ve been saving that for when I implement templated themes). The 'link’ tag solves that problem. Using Mozilla and the excellent Link Toolbar plug-in, I now have navigation buttons located conveniently on the right-hand side of the status bar. Some buttons are ghosted out when they’re not available, and if the site doesn’t use the 'link’ tag, the toolbar disappears.

Link Toolbar

(apparently a similar plug-in for IE is also available)

Now if only more websites would implement this, and if browsers would include it by default! I hope to add this feature to more of my site in the future.