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Amelia Island Lighthouse
Amelia Island Lighthouse from Lighthouses

Mike & Jen's Adventures

Northeast Minnesota, July 2007

Canadian Rockies Photos, June 2006

Bomb Island, SC, August 2005
Suwannee River (GA & FL), March 2005
Turkey & Stevens Creeks, SC, February 2005

Sailing Charleston Harbor, SC, October 2004
North Fork Edisto River, SC, May 2004
Tyger River, SC, March 2004

Capers Island, SC, October 2003
Southeast Arizona, September 2003
Broad River, SC, August 2003
Goodale State Park, SC, April 2003
Saluda River, SC, April 2003
Black River, SC, March 2003
Sparkleberry Swamp, SC, January 2003

Cedar Creek, SC, November 2002
Northeast US, October 2002
Edisto River, SC, July 2002
Cedar Creek, SC, June 2002
Bates Old River, SC, April 2002
Stumphole Swamp, SC, March 2002
Florida Everglades, February 2002

Sparkleberry Swamp, SC, December 2001
Smoky Mountains Hike, TN, November 2001
Costa Rica Photos, August-September 2001
Broad River, SC, June 2001
Cedar Creek, SC, March 2001
Black River, SC, March 2001
Florida Everglades, January 2001 (en español)

Arizona-Nevada, September-October 2000
Paddling Lake Jocassee, August 2000
Paddling the Augusta Canal, August 2000

Berlin, Germany, November 1999
Southern California, August 1999
Northern California, September 1997
North Carolina, December 1997
Germany, June-July 1989
Australia 1998
Lighthouse Tour
South Florida and the Keys
Caribbean 1996

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